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Hi, we’re the Rachels (Winter and Steinman) and we met when we were 18 and in college and when degrees, parties, and boys were top of our mind-likely not in that order. We’ve now been friends for over three decades and supported each other through marriage(s), children, careers, and the ups and downs of losing a parent and sending a child off to college, among many others of life’s milestones.

 Hi, we’re the Rachels and we’re best friends. From the moment we met back in college at UC Santa Barbara, we knew we were destined to be close-but never knew just how important our relationship would be. For more than three decades, we’ve supported each other through the ups and downs of marriage, children, careers, the loss of a parent, and so much more.

The authors of “Stay Golden, Girls- Friendship is the New Marriage” knew they were onto something when they were planning a Galentine’s Day party at the same time as their teenage daughters. Girls and women all over the world are recognizing the importance and fun of celebrating their female friendships, understanding that their significant other doesn’t have to be the only planet around which they orbit.

Women friends are each other’s best cheerleaders, whether we’re out in front of the pack or especially when we’re in the back and in need of encouragement. When we hold each other up, we happily encourage each other’s successes. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, and lighting paths for others brightens our paths as well. Girls who are encouraged at a young age to support one another create a community. This girl power transitions into even fiercer female superpowers. Seeing women take on roles we haven’t seen in the past and killing it, especially with the reinforcement of other women, raises the bar and makes cracks in the glass ceiling. It’s all the sweeter because we do it together.

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