Stay Forever Gold

Stay Golden, Girls: Friendship is the New Marriage is a gift book celebrating the bonds of women’s friendships formed by laughter, trust, loyalty, and love. These relationships include mothers and daughters, sisters, and friends old and new. This delightful book includes light essays, celebrity and fun quotes, and vibrant, joyful illustrations. Stay Golden, Girls is a perfect gift for a close friend, mother, daughter, hostess, and every holiday from Galentine’s Day to Mother’s Day to Christmas.

“I want to grow old with you” used to be reserved for romantic relationships, but not anymore. A proposal of a life spent together now includes our friends. Women all over the world are starting to prioritize their relationships with their best friends and living healthier, happier lives while doing so.

Current news stories about groups of female friends buying and fixing up homes to live together in their golden years, divorced women choosing to live together in “mommunes”, and Galentine’s Day, the new best holiday in February, inspired the birth of this book.

From the moment the authors of Stay Golden, Girls met, they knew they were destined to be friends. For more than three decades, Rachel and Rachel supported each other through the ups and downs of marriage, children, and careers.

Over time, they started to feel a shift from just having fun with their circle of girlfriends to needing and cherishing the time together on a deeper level. They know women around the world feel the same way, which is why they are so excited to share this book with you all!

10% of the proceeds of this book go to Girls Inc.

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