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Five Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

By the Rachels- Friendship Ambassadors

Rachel Steinman and Rachel Winter Celebrating Galentine’s Day

The authors of “Stay Golden, Girls- Friendship is the New Marriage” knew they were onto something when they were planning a Galentine’s Day party at the same time as their teenage daughters. Girls and women all over the world are recognizing the importance and fun of celebrating their female friendships, understanding that their significant other doesn’t have to be the only planet around which they orbit.

As a relatively new tradition, happily, there are no rules for Galentine’s Day. If you decide to host, Valentine’s Day hues like pinks, reds, and purples still do the trick. The same goes for hearts and lace decor. Flowers, chocolate, and sweets are always great gifts and look beautiful on the table no matter the vibe. And when you look around on February 13th or whatever date you celebrate with your besties, toast to the love of friendship with tea and coffee or Champagne and cocktails!

Bonus points for coming up with a friend group name to use as the title of the holiday group chat. Enjoy the planning phase that embraces a dress code as well as how everyone can get involved. Fun pictures, laughter, and hugs are a given, with future plans for the next girls night/trip almost certain to follow.

Cheers to platonic romance and five ways to celebrate our best friends on Galentine’s Day:

1. Cocktail Brunch

If you can, get outside and go for a group walk or hike to start things off. It’s a win-win because you get more time to talk and you’ll build up an appetite for all the yumminess to come!

Beverages: coffee, tea, cocktails, Bloody Marys, Mimosas (save on Champagne and go for a less-expensive bottle when adding orange juice, cranberry or mango juice)

Menu: waffles, muffins, bagels, crepes, egg quiche or souffle (with a warm blueberry sauce is delicious), salads, fruit, cookies

2. Tea Party

Pinkies up, affix your fascinator, and forget your phone! Lose yourself in conversation as time slips away sipping tea, and nibbling traditional tea time delights.

Beverages: coffee, tea (Indian Chai from Alice’s Tea Cup a fave), Champagne, fresh juices

Menu: scones, tea sandwiches such as cream cheese and cucumber, egg salad and smoked salmon, petit fours, Madeleines

3. Slumber Party- PJ Dance Party

You don’t need a girls trip to do an old-fashioned sleepover! Some of the best time between friends is just sitting and talking on the couch, the floor or the bed with nowhere else you would rather be. Throw in cozy pajamas, your beverage of choice, and blasting your favorite music… done and done.

Beverages: hot chocolate, hot Toddy’s, Champagne, margaritas

Menu: pizza, chopped salads, ice cream sundaes, popcorn

4. Spa Day

Whether you do a DIY spa day at home or at a hotel, getting the time and space to relax and be pampered together is magical. Let the bonding begin with lavender candles, fluffy robes, chill music, and face masks. Good luck keeping your giggles quiet during a group mani-pedi or sauna and steam at a beautiful hotel spa.

Beverages: cold brews, pressed juices, cucumber/citrus infused water, cocktails

Menu: organic farmer’s market salads with whole grains like faro, quinoa, corn, brown rice, protein: grilled tofu, chicken, or salmon

5. Tapas Happy Hour- Boards

When Galentine’s Day falls during the week like this year, meet up after work and give new meaning to “Happy Hour.” For the partiers, shots of tequila can set the tone. Forego large meals and please everyone with the cornucopia of finger foods and shared plates.

Beverages: sangria (white wine with fresh fruit), mojitos, or spicy margaritas, tequila (try tequila shots chilled with orange slices instead of limes)

Menu: crudités, shrimp or chicken skewers, empanadas, bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, fruit, cheeses, truffles

Above all- Have fun and celebrate your amazing friendships. It’s what life is all about!

The Rachels

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